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Foam, fixating systems, silicon - essential products for window frames

Using polyethylene foam: irreplaceable fixator for construction elements – door cases and window frames

  • Hardened foam is a perfect insulation material λ=0,035 W/mK which is another advantage
  • provides good soundproofing
  • hardened foam carries great stability in the shape it takes, can be cut and plastered – or you can put other layers of different covers on top of it
  • hardened foam is very resistant to temperatures from -40 to +100 C
    working with the foam is fast and easy
  • after its sprayed, the liquid rapidly expands under the influence of humidity in the natural environment
  • the volume of the initially sprayed foam increases 2 times in size and it is good to take note of that because excess foam will have to be cut afterwards
  • 10-15 minutes after the initial spray the still fresh foam is sticky, it hardens after about 50-60 minutes and then it can be cut, the final hardening happens after 2-4 hours. These values are relevant at temperature 20 C and layer width 20mm
  • the hardened polyethylene foam can be destroyed easily under the influence of sun rays. Its surface turns yellow rapidly and after time it begins to crumble. That is why when the spraying is finished, the layer is covered with paint, isolating plate or other to protect it from crumbling.

Silicon: isolator for mounting sash, doors

aksesoar-pqna-silicon-krepeziStabilizers for windows: screws for direct montage, self driving screws. dowels

  • very important is the good mounting process
  • stabilizing products by WÜRTH (Germany) – a world leader, massive variety of different products, streamlined with many sizes, different qualities , guaranteed top quality.
  • all fixing accessories WÜRTH follow strictly ISO, EN и DIN under ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • All accessories are of high quality and guarantee easy, safe and long lasting use

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