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Folding glass systems for balconies and terraces



  • a folding glass system allows more space for your area and offers a good look for the façade of your building
  • gives you the opportunity to use your balcony as transparent or not
    creates a safe environment for your children, no dust, condensation and cold
  • a large variety of colors of the carrying aluminum rack as well as the glass
  • the shape of the balcony doesn’t matter, the glass system can be used anywhere
  • large areas can be glazed as well, regardless of the size: hotels, caffes, restaurants, shops
  • when the weather is nice you can open it fully and when its raining it turns into a shelter without ruining your view
  • the protective brushes and the transparent silicon fillings provide soundproofing and insulation
  • the materials used are completely harmless to your family
    the glass is tempered, this type of glass is more hardened , six times tougher than regular glass. Tempered glass is usually used with frameless elements as it is in this case. Tempered glass is considered less risky because when it breaks, it cracks into very tiny pieces, preventing injury
  • moving (sliding) of the wings happens steadily with average speed
  • the wing can be “led” to the desired position so it can avoid collision with other wings and shortening the life of the wheels.
  • the wings are slid along rails without applying any pressure across
    when the system is closed every wing is back at its final form so the system can lock
  • in case one of the wings has not been moved all the way it will not be able to close completely
  • For fixing mistakes during construction, you should use the company that installed it
  • cleaning of the glass should be “wet” carried with appropriate products. Acids and bases are not to be used. Dry rubbing leads to scratches of the surface and damages the cover
  • not recommended for rooms glazed with glass units to warmer than 30C and with humidity more than 60%
  • when the humidity is higher or when there are extreme cold temperatures outside a temporary condensation may appear on the inside of the glass
  • elegant solution for restaurants, bars and hotels – parting smoker and non smoker areas

Now you don’t have to change the interior and exterior. With our parting walls fully made of glass you will keep the style

  • Our non profile system allows the parting wall to be opened so the whole room can be used
  • an effective choice for balconies, terraces and porches = a way to increase the living space. They are the connection between the inside of the room and the beauty of nature

We will provide you with the best solution and will delivery it accordingly!




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