Save up to 40% with a Energy Efficiency credit

reecl-logoVasiMa is an approved partner of the banks participating in the Energy Efficiency program.
With Energy Efficiency you can purchase energy saving windows that qualify for the requirements of the REECL program.
You can improve your home’s energy spending and lower your expenses on electricity.

VasiMa offers an additional 20% discount to every client taking advantage of the Energy Efficiency program.

The project has been developed by the EU Commission, the International bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Agency for Energy Efficiency of the Bulgarian Republic. The credit is lent by the Energy Efficiency program of the European bank for Reconstruction and Development.

With the help of this program you can receive a grant amounting

  • to 20% of the value of the improvements in your home.
  • 30% of the value of financed group projects.
  • 35% for associations for building societies when simultaneously working on two projects.

Treat yourself to maximum comfort with minimum leasing expenses. The gratuitous help you can get can cover your expenses on interest.

The Bulgarian banks taking part in this program are UBB, Procredit Bank. More information on the financing technologies, terms for applying, receiving  granted help and the necessary documentation  on: 

You can find more on the REECL project from our consultants or on:

Come to our office where we provide you with all the necessary information, fill out the forms and assist you with all the steps in applying.

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