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Buy on credit with UniCredit

VasiMa offers you the opportunity to buy windows on leasing via the Energy efficiency at home program, as well as UniCredit Bulbank.

The amount of the payments and the time period for paying up are fitted accordingly to your needs and finances. Please check the terms for applying.

Consumer stock credit from UniCredit

What is UniCredit Consumer Financing?

A company that offers a modern, fast and easy way to buy and sell. UniCredit Consumer Financing is a part of UniCredit Group – the largest bank group in Eastern Europe.

Why choose UniCredit Consumer Financing?

  • We guarantee fast approval
  • We offer accessible, small monthly payments, fixed for the full duration of the credit and do not change.
  • No hidden taxes and fees.
  • We fill the credit request on the spot, in our office.
  • You buy what you could afford tomorrow, today.

Specifics of the credit being offered:

  • From 150 to 50 000 BGN, depending on your needs
  • Paying up period from 3 to 72 months, according to your liking
  • More advantages for UniCredit Consumer Financing clients.
  • No bank commission when covering payments, in every UniCredit Bulbank branch (where the fee is usually 2 BGN per payment)

For additional information: 064/801 500, +359 88 9208231