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Company policy

„Summer or winter – the choice is VasiMa!”

Our mission is simple. VasiMa designs, manufactures and installs blinds, sash and hoods for your home or office. We understand the complexity of the choices our customers are faced with.

All our products are related to his majesty THE WINDOW! We realize that the windows are the eyes of every home. From the employee who picks up the phone, through the consultant, to the actual montage, our service is designed to surpass your expectations.

We work to leave you satisfied.

Нашата мисия

VasiMa has been created with the idea that is building the bases for long lasting success.
We realize that to achieve long lasting success we have to work not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of everybody around us.
This has been our philosophy for the past 20 tears.

Compliance with the law is the base on top of which our reputation is built.

We carry out our work with decency.

We are concerned about health, safety and hygiene in the work space.

We work to negate accidents and injuries.

We work as a team. VasiMa understands the importance of the people in a company. We achieve our goals with our workers and we treat them with respect. We expect them to be responsible, motivated and to treat us with respect back.

Our business relations with clients and partners are based on mutual trust. With perfect products and excellent service we always want to surpass expectations.

We strictly follow the standards for safety and care for the environment. We offer ecological and energy saving products while trying to use natural resources effectively . We want to guarantee that the name VasiMa means the highest level of safety, environmental awareness and quality.

We are responsible citizens of the world. The range of our services requires a touch with almost any aspect of society and we are responsible for it.

We constantly rethink competition and innovation. Today business models are changing. Innovations run ahead and competition advantages have shorter effect. Competent workers in an innovative environment – this is the formula of the future!

We maintain the high quality  of our products and services. Our goal is: our products to make the life of our customers better.

Our goal is also to help children’s sports activities in Pleven. It is our source of creativity.

Profit is a key factor when building a business. Our 10 business principles are in the heart of our company culture and values. When we are faced with a decision we proceed in the following order: the safety and health of people, the planet, quality, service and profit. We always strive to achieve shared benefits instead of just raw profit.

Why are they important?

We believe that it is important to have clear principles and values based on respect to our customers and employees. Building trust and connection between all sides is key.

How are they applied?

All of our employees need to follow our business principles and VasiMa is always maintaining this standard.

Stoyan Ivanov



Stoian Ivanov graduated from “Dimitar A. Cenov” Business academy in Svishtov. In 1993 he starts working in BNB in Pleven. After a few months replies to a job offer in Balkanbank. Starts work as a currency dealer in Balkanbank. A year later is promoted to credit inspector in the same bank. Since 1997 he is director and owner of VasiMa Ltd.

“I am very proud with my team – the people here are emphatic to the success of our company”

Marieta Ivanova

PR and HR

Marieta Ivanova is responsible for clients, sales, PR and HR. Looking for information or news about our company that’s not on our website?

Please do not hesitate to contact me. It is a joy to answer all of your questions!

e-mail: vasima.bg@gmail.com

Stoyan Nankov

Sales manager

“We make our presence stronger with the help of new partnerships and innovative products.”

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e-mail: vasima.sales@abv.bg


Veronika Angelova


“We will continue to fight the challenges the Bulgarian market sets before us. We have many ideas and the desire to work”

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Elitsa Boromska


“You want warmth and coziness to be always in your home?-Ask me how!”

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Fana Todorova


“You want comfort in your home – come to VasiMa where optimism and ambition are always on the front line”

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fax: 064 / 801 530
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Hristo Trifonov


“I have worked in VasiMa since its foundation. I am ready to help anyone in the correct choice of any of our products”

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Veronika Petkova


“I consider it my priority to responsibly consult every client and to control the planning process for your blinds or windows  to bring out the best of our products”

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mobile.: 0889 / 208 231