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Our products

  • PVC дограма - Salamander - ПВЦ дограма

    PVC sash

    Salamander, Weissprofil
  • Aluminum sash

  • Facade and Bond

    Facade systems and Bond
  • Outside blinds

    Outside roulette PVC blinds, Outside roulette aluminum blinds, Outside lamellar horizontal blinds
  • Вертикални Sunblinds щори - вътрешни щори

    Inside blinds

    Horizontal, Vertical, Photo blinds, Rolls, Blackout effect, Screen effect
  • вътрешни щори и от васима плевен


    Modern and practical, sunshades protect your home against harmful sunrays and rain and at the same time add more volume to the space.
  • Rolling shutters

    Tube metal with chessboard placed planks, Tube metal model Classic, Perforated, Thick metal, Plead metal, Insulated
  • Guarding bars

    Plead, tube, client's choice, made out of wrought iron
  • Garage doors

    Garage doors type Flying wing; roller metal and insulation; sectioned garage doors
  • Industrial doors

    Sectioned industrial; rollers; metal; insulation; industrial; fast automated doors
  • Portal/double doors

    Doors on hinges, sliding and portal doors
  • Barriers and anti parking systems

    Barriers and anti parking systems
  • Clothesline

    With our clothesline: you don’t need to use all of your balcony space for laundry (max. 2m); your laundry is close to the ceiling and doesn’t obstruct easily moving on the balcony
  • Accordion Door

    contrary to a partition wall, the accordion door gives you the flexibility to temporarily change the division of space in your home depending on new design ideas or practical needs.
  • Accessories

    Mosquito nets, railings, door panels, reamers, glass and glass units, spacers, snappers, ledges and sunshades.
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