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Throw out the old ropes, cables and wires!

With our clothesline:

  • you don’t need to use all of your balcony space for laundry (max. 2m)
  • your laundry is close to the ceiling and doesn’t obstruct easily moving on the balcony
  • only the laundry from the front pole is visible
  • you can hide the laundry behind the railing if you loosen up the poles

Other benefits of our ceiling mounted metal clothesline:

  • small space between the poles and the ceiling of the balcony leaves plenty of room for open windows and mosquito nets in a glass balcony
  • made entirely of steel with anti corrosion covering, resistant to humidity, heavy weather conditions and sun radiation which allows its mounting in bathrooms and other rooms that may get wet
  • fully metal construction guarantees a long life and effortless
  • use the two shoulders with rollers are mounted in the ceiling with the help of dowels and screws included in the kit
  • the rack or hanger can be mounted on one of the walls of the balcony, room, railing or windowsill for hanging every pole is lowered individually from the ceiling to about 1,5m from the ground.
  • the thickness of the pole allows for the usage of regular clips even when hanging more substantial materials such as blankets
  • every pole with hung laundry goes back towards the ceiling by pulling the roles and fixating using the hanger
  • resistant to humidity as well as intense sun light
  • sizes: 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200cm
  • with 3, 5 or 8 poles

Create comfort with ceiling hanging clothesline from VasiMa




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