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Horizontal Internal Blinds

  • Австрийски Щори - вътрешни щори

    Austrian blinds

    Austrian blinds gives a unique theatrical look to the window and the interior as a whole
  • Duo vision blinds

    When you need to add a unique detail to your interior your choice should be Duo Vizion
  • Horizontal Aluminum blinds

    Widely popular and preferred from every client because of their practicality and affordable price, high quality and applicable in every instance
  • Horizontal bamboo blinds

    blinds from bamboo tree - for people who appreciate natural beauty. Bamboo is a naturally UV and humidity resistant, antistatic and easy to clean (washed with water)
  • Iso wood

    The alternative to real wooden blinds. Made out of combination of artificial materials and natural wood.
  • London blinds

    Using the classic roman persienne as an example. Its design comes closer to the classic drape and adds a feeling of warmth and coziness to your room.
  • Photo Roman blinds

    Now you are the director of your interior. Any picture provided by you we can print on textiles for roman blinds.
  • Pleat/Duet/Duet Fix

    An elegant product made of materials with reflective cover, reflecting sun rays and adding soft nuances to the interior
  • Roman blinds

    Made to bring style into your interior they provide individuality and uniqueness. They can replace drapery and curtains perfectly well.
  • Venetian horizontal blinds

    Delicate and ethereal touch in your interior! A choice that combines elegance and modernism
  • Wooden horizontal blinds

    They always manage to astound with their natural beauty, comfort and long life. Their elegance, simplicity and quality make place them on the top of sun protection products.