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Roman blinds

Roman blinds


Roman blinds suit any interior – from classical to modern.

When folded horizontally they form equal folds overlapping each other.

Roman blinds can be mounted above windows as well as on the sash allowing for easy access to the window wings. Most comfortable is their appliance on parts that don’t open because it covers the sash and better the aesthetics.

The mechanism ensures fast textiles dismantling for cleaning and replacing.

On top of the already offered models and colors of classic roman blinds we also offer:

Dual roman blinds with day/night mechanism

The idea behind the day/night roman blinds is to unite two textiles of different thickness thus providing think blinds during the night and light blinds during the day. It is similar to the day/night plead blinds. The dual mechanism controls both textiles – traced or think and thus provides the day and night symbiosis. The roman blinds can perfectly well replaced a thin curtain or thick drapery.

Roman balloon blinds

This style of roman blinds remind of a delicate breeze. With their elegant and easy on the eyes design they are suitable for any interior space. The vertical fine braiding in combination with ethereal materials makes it the smallest package when folded out of all types of blinds and that is a big advantage.

Theatrical roman blinds

We present this breathtaking textiles decision giving color and richness to your interior. It reminds of the Baroque style, made of semi-ethereal, transparent materials, it fascinates with its charm. Adds the best interior in Rococo or Baroque style. The theatrical roman blinds is a suitable accent for big rooms- saloons , halls, theaters, operas and museums where the windows rarely open.

Seamless roman blinds

It is our pleasure to present the latest innovation – seamless roman blinds made with Dutch technology – Romatech. Innovative are also the textiles used to make the blinds – 100% polyester imitating wood and unique material with sun protection. With these qualities the blinds by Romatech protect rooms by UV lights and prolongs the life of your furniture. These roman blinds can also be automated.

Seamless roman bamboo blinds

There is a good reason we can call these blinds “green” and ecological. For the making of the blinds are used only natural and resistant materials such as bamboo, linen and hemp. The help and linen are strong, resistant and reliable against UV rays which makes them ideal for the making of blinds because they let in the light and keep the heat out. The ecological roman blinds are offered in different designs so that you are guaranteed to find the ones that fit your interior the best, regardless of the interior style in your home. They are also unique with that they provide shade and allow mellow diffused light into the room.




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