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Automatic cornice for drapery SOMFY

Automatic cornice for drapery SOMFY


Take control of your curtain from your couch without disrupting your comfort.

Control with just a click or set up a schedule for opening and closing.

Want to wake up every morning the breaking daylight? Now you can!


This solution offers a great customer experience as a well as a wide array of functions and is an example of SOMFY’s innovative spirit and their constant strive for quality. The motorized cornice helps preserve your drapery by preventing damages caused by unbalanced load during manual adjustment.


Designed for high class homes, hotels, conference halls and trading centers, the automatic cornice ensures convenience and interior protection against UV light. And it has low noise levels.


  • Folding the curtain – towards the motor or at both ends
  • Control (motor placement) – right or left
  • Max cornice length without splice – 5m
  • Max cornice length with splice – 15m
  • Movement speed = 200mm/s
  • Choice of any textiles for curtain
  • The automatic functions of the SOMFY cornice add up to energy saving and security (simulating presence in the house


  • Max weight of the curtain – 60kg with a 10m long cornice
  • The rail profile is made out of aluminum
  • Max time for movement in one direction – 2min 30s
  • Manual control – it is possible to fold the curtains manually, as well as with the remote control
  • Energy consumption -0,4 A
  • Noise level – 41dBa
  • Power cable – 2 x 1 mm2
  • Remote control
  • 5 year warranty

Suitable for your home, office, hotel, restaurant, theater, cinema

Motorized cornice – safety, peace and comfort in your home!




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