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Pleat/Duet/Duet Fix

Pleat/Duet/Duet Fix


An elegant product made of materials with reflective cover, reflecting sun rays and adding soft nuances to the interior. Advantages:

  • can be made for dormers and windows of unnatural shapes
  • their structure allows for montage on any sash, cover windows, winter gardens and glass ceilings
  • when folded they take a small part of the light opening
  • specially coated polyester textile guaranteeing a long life
  • allows for light adjustment from 0 to 100%
  • an exotic collection of German textile, pleat with pearl or aluminum covering that reflects UV rays, inflammable textiles and repellents
  • suitable for child rooms are pleats with heroes, flowers and other motives
  • 3 ways for control and 15 options for textile movement
  • a variety of options to choose from

Day and night system – a combination of two textiles different by transmission in one pleat – blinds. The blinds have 3 profiles – upper, middle and bottom. The upper profile is fixed, the middle and bottom profiles are mobile. By moving the profiles you choose which textile is visible, including both at the same time.

Duette system – the textile resembles a honey comb. The designer philosophy ensures a complicated styling, high functionality, a soft look and optimal comfort and energy saving. The Duette nuances offer a precise light filtering, good acoustics and a fresh pleat structure. For perfect blackout we offer materials with reflective covering. The big advantage this system is that it offers a 100% blackout.

Duette Fixe system – stretching the outside of the cloth is fixed and that’s why its folded evenly. They better acoustics and lower the intensity of outside noises

Did you know that 50% of heat and cool can slip away through the windows? That is why we offer this unique cellular product that keeps air in different pockets to preserve your home or office cool during the summer or warm during the winter.

COOL during the summer, warm during the winter!




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