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Vertical panel blinds

Vertical panel blinds

Blinds of the type “Japanese Wall” provide an alternative to vertical blinds and can be used for shading of large areas and also for separating
This type of blinds imitates “Shodji” – the typical for traditional Japanese architecture sliding partition made of transparent paper stretched on a wooden or bamboo frame.

  • Modern panel blinds create peace and comfort while getting us closer to Eastern philosophy
  • can be made using thick or ethereal materials
  • Japanese panel blinds are a designer choice when there is a need for decoration of big windows or a paravan effect
  • consist of wide textile panels stretched from a few horizontal fiber awls, mounted on a rail using velcro. The rail can be 2,3,4,5 or 6 channel and is mounted on the ceiling. Every panel moves in a different channel. The blinds panels can be different sizes depending on the project
  • the rail mechanism is elegant and provides many opportunities for different configurations and ways of folding the panels which makes opening easy and fast.
  • moving of the panels is done manually, with a cue or a mechanism, and in all cases the fiber awls and weights in the lower hem of every panel don’t allow them to be bent and to stay fully stretched
  • option to combine a few types of textiles, the most often used contrasting colors for every panel to get a more interesting look
  • maximal overlapping of the panels doesn’t allow light in between them

In order to create an interior in Japanese style you need to consider the following things: :

  • it is necessary to choose light, natural or transparent textiles
  • blinds look most effective in spacious rooms, in front of French windows or tall showcases
  • the panels don’t gather dust
  • the lack of folds gives a perfect opportunity to highlight colors, motives and designs
  • simplicity, freedom and comfort when controlling the panels in different directions using a rope, cue or an electric motor
  • easy maintenance – fast dismantling by unsticking the textiles from the rail. Easy to clean

Day and night system

Something different! Our new offer – 2 in 1

  • combine a Japanese wall with roller blinds day and night
  • the system consists of a rail mechanism, separated in 3 or 6 channels
  • depending on your wish + day and night panels
  • suitable for tall windows and long showcases as well as an interior piece for separating areas
  • combining textiles for roller day and night in one or many colors optional
    overlapping of neighboring panels from 5 to 15cm (by choice(flex control
    adjust sun light
  • provides privacy
  • a rich gamma of fashionable colors

Panel photo blinds (Japanese Shoji screens)

The rich choice of colors, decors, prints and pictures can help you creat your own special and unique vertical panel photo blinds. Let’s bring the Japanese style in our home interior. This is how: bring your picture and we will print it onto single color polyester textiles that can be:
semi-transparent or BLACKOUT

textiles WOVEN PAPER (natural materials)

textiles SCREEN

With our offers for multicolor print we guarantee photographic quality. And decorated with the company logo with a motivational message can add up to a perfect marketing accent in the interior of your office

Don’t forget that this design originates from an earthly and natural color palette. The simplicity is key when choosing tones. Green is mandatory.

As they say, perfection hides in the simplest of things

Create a natural and simple vision in natural tones with panel photo blinds from VasiMa

Paneltech System

The latest fashion choice are seamless Japanese blinds from a new generation textiles, imitating natural wood. This technology allows for the use of a rich palette of colors and materials depending on your needs as a client. The very name of this technology suggests that there is no sewing involved, only sticking.

Japanese blinds are panels in simple geometric rectangular forms and create a simplified, peaceful interior, characteristic for Japanese homes. Suitable best for homes with minimalistic, modern, eclectic and Asian dzen motives

Stylish, contemporary and practical




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