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Vertical Inside blinds

  • Automatic cornice for drapery SOMFY

    With the motorized SOMFY cornice you add a new level functionality to your drapery - AUTOMATE THEM!
  • Vertical blinds Harmony

    Vertical curves of thick material alternate with ethereal. The mechanism for control sorts it evenly and allows for adjustment of light access
  • Vertical panel blinds

    Blinds of the type "Japanese Wall" provide an alternative to vertical blinds and can be used for shading of large areas and also for separating
  • Vertical photo blinds

    No limitations - your photo printed on vertical blinds, family photos, reproductions of paintings and more
  • Вертикални Sunblinds щори - вътрешни щори

    Vertical Sunblinds

    Classical vertical blinds with a new look and design. Vertical SUNBLINDS - a modern alternative to drapery
  • Vertical textile blinds

    A functional design that ensures the best precision in regulating light, inslating rooms and thus saving energy, protects furniture against UV lights, soundproof, betters acoustics in the room.