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Vertical textile blinds

Vertical textile blinds


A functional design that ensures the best precision in regulating light, inslating rooms and thus saving energy, protects furniture against UV lights, soundproof, betters acoustics in the room. Using them is a joy every day.

  • suitable for decorations in home or the office
  • the best solution for sliding doors and windows
  • gills wide 89mm or 127mm cloth, Blackout, aluminum, PVC, combination of cellulose and wood, impregnated cellulose, just and cotton in over 120 colors and wood
  • textiles protected with a special coating, antistatic and anti solar, inflammable and waterproof
  • options for folding and control: against the base, towards the base, curtain-like, to the left or to the right
  • twist the strips to regulate light and moving the whole construction to the desired direction is possible remotely, manually or using a cue
  • draping non standard and tilted windows
  • ceiling or wall mounting
  • a decorative cornice in the color of the blinds that delicately hides the aluminum profile
  • white and 5 more colors luxurious aluminum rails: snow white, polished aluminum, brown espresso, golden champagne, black piano

Types of gills

  • 89mm cloth
  • 89mm aluminum
  • 127mm cloth
  • over 400 colors
  • 11 rails models
  • 8 ways of folding and controlling the cloth
  • over 10 types of materials: transparent; BLACKOUT – 100% non-transparent; semi-transparent; inflammable; PVC textile; SCREEN – visible silhouettes

4 colors weights and chain for gills: white, beige, black and metal.

Regardless if you want clean, modern and light showcase for your kitchen or winter garden, or a delicate pastel color for your bedroom or you prefer jacquard, you will definitely find the vertical blinds that will fit your interior. Vertical blinds can help you add height to rooms with low ceilings. As a bonus vertical blinds gather less dust and are easier to clean compared to horizontal blinds.
Quality vertical blinds can do more than just cover a window

With VasiMa, fashion and function are inseparable!




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