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  • Mosquito net

    Every year the forecast paints a wet picture of the summer with a lot of pouring summer rain which makes for a great breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and a variety of other bugs.
  • Reamers to protect your home against theft and burglary

    All the doors and windows made by VasiMa are making use of the latest technologies and our clients receive reinforced construction and sturdy handles.
  • Door panels

    PVC panels; PVC ornaments/pressed; Aluminum panels
  • Tube aluminum railings

    Fast and easy mounting; profiles and accessories are available in three main colors - grey, chrome and yellow
  • Spacers, frame panels and decorative spacer strips

    Aluminum spacer, PVC spacer "Warm Hearth"; Aluminum frame panels, decorative spacer strips
  • Glass and glass units

    A glass unit is a special construction made of two or more glass panels placed within a distance from one another using a spacer. The space in between is filled with air or inert gas and is hermetically sealed around the edges.
  • Handles

    Our handles correspond in shape and design to contemporary requirements; combine quality, efficiency and high quality materials.
  • Catch for PVC balcony door

    the balcony door handles we offer are discreet enough to be able to mount in the small space between the outside of the balcony door and the blinds or between the outside of the door and a mosquito net
  • Window baseboard and shelters

    Depending on your needs windows can be equipped with water drainage aluminum shelters and baseboards. Placing inside and outside baseboards gives a complete vision for every window. The variety in colors and sizes we offer could satisfy every customer demand.
  • Microventilation

    Apart from natural airing when opening your windows wide, other ways such as microventilation exist
  • Casing

    German casing Siegenia - 55000 rotations warranty for effortless performance making it a leading product on the market
  • Remote control (Oberlicht)

    allows control over high and unreachable windows with the help of a level and electric remote control
  • Door closers

    widely used In places where a lot of people are going through and the door must stay closed but could be used just as well at home. A variety of models for every situation
  • Glass doors and paravans

    glass doors give interiors a transparent elegancy, a sophisticated symbiosis between functionality and design
  • Reinforcement

    a mandatory and very part of the PVC sash; galvanized steel laid on the full length of the PVC profiles
  • Sliding systems type "Volkswagen"

    casing made to be mounted on all standard PVC or Al profiles, very handy way of opening doors and windows where there is a need to save some space
  • Foam, fixating systems, silicon

    Using polyethylene foam: irreplaceable fixator for construction elements - door cases and window frames