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Apart from natural airing when opening your windows wide, other ways such as microventilation exist.

In VasiMa we pay attention to the constant air current passing through the window with special microventilation systems.

Iconic in this area are the Air Controller (climabox) systems by Salamander and Siegenia casing.

  • the casing for microventilation by Siegenia controls air current with an additional handle position without any heat loss
  • by playing the handle under 45 degrees, 8mm opening it provides the necessary ventilation for the room. This is possible thanks to the difference in air pressure in and outside.
  • ensures a constant air flow
  • protects from condensation and mold
  • guarantees and effective way to air out
  • easy to mount
  • easy to clean
  • doesn’t let rain drops in
  • climabox


  • a device integrated into the window casing that allows free air circulation
  • in the inside of the openable wing small shutters are installed, which open depending on the needs and let in small portions of air to balance the humidity in the room
  • opened depending on the humidity level inside
  • protects the building from mold on the walls and furnicure
  • reduces heat losses
  • ensures a constantly good air quality
  • works at any temperature without the need for electricity
  • easily mounted on PVC sash
  • easy service
  • looks good




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