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Spacers, frame panels and decorative spacer strips

Spacers, frame panels and decorative spacer strips

Aluminum spacer

As a standard there are aluminum made spacers that are integrated into the glass units but their disadvantage is that they create a thermic bridge around the glass unit which becomes its most vulnerable part and where condensation will appear.
The spacer is located at the end of the glass unit and maintains a constant distance between the glasses. In is filled with absorbent inside – hygroscopical particles which suck the even the smallest amounts of moisture out. That is how they battle condensation in the inside of the glass unit.
Even if you opted for glass units with better isolation qualities condensation may be possible.

PVC spacer “Warm Hearth”

The insulation parameters of the glass unit are a key factor for the energy efficiency of your PVC sash. Bettering these parameters becomes possible by including PVC spacers in the construction of the glass unit in place of the widely used aluminum spacer. Thanks to the “Warm Hearth” a 7% increase can be achieved in the insulation abilities of the glass unit and at the same time reduces chances of condensation. That is because plastic has less diathermancy than aluminum.
As a product of a new generation this spacer keeps all the advantages of the good old aluminum spacer – sturdiness, long life and good insulation quality.
Critical outside temperature for condensation at room temperature 20˚C and air humidity 50% with an aluminum spacer varies between -2 to -6˚C. With “Warm Hearth” they become -10 to 16˚C. This means that the chance for condensation is reduced 5 times by just choosing a PVC spacer.
Get comfortable with the “Warm Hearth” spacer at:
Outside temperature: -10˚C, inside temp 20˚C, aprox. humidity 50%

  • triple glass unit with a Warm Hearth spacer guarantees surface temperature of the glass unit from the room side 12,9˚C
  • triple glass unit with an aluminum spacer guarantees surface temperature from the room side 8,1˚C


  • The low diathermancy reduces the heat expenses
  • Increases temperatures around the edging of the glass unit with 4-5˚C and reduces chances for condensation and mold
  • Matt surface without reflections, doesn’t look like “plastic”
  • Made out of enforced plastic and protective foliage against carriage of gas and steam
  • 17 colors so you can find the perfect match for your frames
  • 13 widths
  • perfect 90˚ angles at the edges

Aluminum frame panels

  • they have sticky surface and are stuck outside on the glass unit
  • that way the window can be divided into smaller elements horizontally, vertically, crossed or to imitate any architecture.
  • offered in wood color and all the RAL colors
  • an original shape of the finished product

Decorative spacer strips

  • accessory that is placed on the spacers inside the glass unit
  • gives a sense of interior completion of the door or window
  • the main colors offered are silver and gold

Frame panels and decorative spacer strips – elements that help your windows look ultra contemporary or retro

It’s a matter of choice




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