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Microventilation for sash with parallel opening

Microventilation for sash with parallel opening


Casing – an important and controversial part of the production of windows and doors.

During the fensterbau/frontale festival in Nurnberg, Winkhaus presented its new and revolutionary casings.

Good ventilation contributes to the healthy climate in the rooms. Unfortunately wings set open ajar are basically unprotected and are an invitation for intruders.

That is why Winkhaus created a new casing that unites natural ventilation and anti burglary measures. That way it is now possible for parallel sliding of the wings.

  • option for using triple glass units following the contemporary requirements for energy efficiency
  • аctivPilot Comfort PADK – combined casing with alongside removal in front of the case
  • the new microventilation system from Winkhaus. Parallel opening solves the problem with condensation and mold.
  • the casing is suitable for windows or balcony doors and two way axis is offered.
  • the casing allows for opening and alongside removal through the case – 6mm which provides constant air flow. activPilot Comfort PADK offers anti burglary protection – RC 2
  • minimal separation of the wing from the case provides circulation for a small amount of air, enough for air flow without ruining insulation

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When there is no one home you can be sure your rooms will stay ventilated without worrying that this will be a vulnerability to your home’s protection

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