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Weissprofil WP5000

Weissprofil WP5000


5 chamber PVC system for doors and windows, stylish rounder design of the PVC profiles, choice or rich palette of folios imitating wood. Perfect insulation and soundproofing. Montage width of the tills 72mm Montage width of the window wing 0 72mm 80mm A variety of profiles allowing for constructing different configurations.

  • Window opening inwards
  • Door opening inwards
  • Door opening outwards
  • 90 degree construction or any angle
  • One and two wing doors and windows
  • VW sliding opening mechanism

Additional steel profile 1,5 and 2,0mm thick. Optional glazing with glass unit (24, 32, 40mm thick) Special channel on the wing for easy and fast montage of the casing (13mm center)




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