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Wooden horizontal blinds

Wooden horizontal blinds


Why wood? – because everything natural ages well! Their elegance, simplicity and quality make place them on the top of sun protection products. The palm trees are ready to harvest after 30 years. The material is stored in a special room with constant humidity. These conditions are a guarantee for quality. Natural material that doesn’t get warm in the sun and does not transmit heat. The surface is treated with UV varnishes.

  • elegant wooden stripes 25 or 50mm wide, carried by textile stairs in different colors by choice
  • the mechanism by HUNTER DOUGLAS allows tilting and lifting of the stripes via cords
  • possible montage with absolute motor with remote control – lifting and letting down + gill rotation
  • max width 2400mm, max height 3000mm, max surface 4.5 sq.m
  • natural wood and covering in modern colors
  • the suspenders can be a complimenting or contrasting color to the gills
  • the color, weight and smell that they bring add a unique feeling to every room
  • the wooden gills are 25 or 50mm wide, 2,5mm thick made out of BASSWOOD, impossible to bend because its natural habitat is the very humid tropical climate
  • the profiles and cords are color matched with the tree color
  • normally the upper bar is hidden by a wooden decorative cornice in the color of the gills
  • control via the cords or a 230V motor
  • blinds in non-standard shapes possible
  • optional side fixing when mounting on openable windows

Natural wood blinds are perfect for retro-clubs, pubs, restaurants interiors and really anywhere where there is more natural wood.

Welcome to the world of wonderful fragrance and soft tones

  • standard drive – grills 25mm – The upper rail is steel, the bottom wood, wooden gills and wooden decorative cornice
  • The control mechanism is placed in the upper rail. The gills twist using a wooden stick and lift up via a cord.
  • Old Dutch “Classic” system – 50mm gills – This system has been popular for more than 100 years. The main part consists of 3 rail tilting mechanism. A simple mechanism mounted in the upper rail allows tilting and lifting the stripes. The gills are held using suspenders that can be the same color as the gills or contrasting. Can be mounted on the sash. It is important to note that when mounting on openable windows it is possible to restrict the opening the angle
  • bamboo system- Bamboo is a natural and UV resistant material, antistatic and easy to maintain (washed with water). That is why this type of blinds is so popular in South-East Asia-where the unique capabilities of the bamboo have been known for a long time. Light, clean and long lasting- bamboo is the ideal material for blinds. With these blinds you can bring some of the beauty of the East to your interior. Colors – wenge, natural and honey and more

Use a dry and soft dust brush, microfiber towel or flove

Water can harm the surface

Do not use abrasive chemicals and solvents

Protect from steam or too much humidity, rain




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