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Barriers and anti parking systems

  • used to control vehicle parking made out of steel tubes

    Anti parking systems

  • Barriers Automatic barriers are an easy solution for every gate the allow for intensive use and efficient access control for corporative or private buildings shoulders can be up to 8m we offer safety features and access control as additions made for intensive use the it takes a barrier to open fully is 3.5 seconds for barriers with 3m long shoulders, 6 seconds for 6m and 8 seconds for 8m can be operated in one of the following ways - via a button - a secret electric key-code secured keyboard - remote control - magnet cards - keys - photocells - magnet detectors all barrier models are equipped with a manual control feature for when there is no power we offer spare parts and provide maintenance for barriers within or outside warranty period AT OFFICE AT HOME INSTALLATION You can check out projects made possible by us in the Gallery section VasiMa guarantees Quality, Speed, Professionalism and Best prices.