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Modern and practical, sunshades protect your home against harmful sunrays and rain and at the same time add more volume to the space. They can turn your yard or balcony into an attractive and functional living space with one click of the remote control.

  • Mounted on a window, balcony or door, it is a façade element that adds a contemporary and business look

    Modular Sunshade

  • provide great protection against wind and rain suitable for closing balconies, bars, barbecues, open spaces

    Windproof sunshade

  • One of the most luxurious and grand choices in the area of sun protection

    Sunshade Pergola

  • A good choice for shading showcases, windows and doors

    Sunshade Cabrio /basket like/

  • suitable for balconies in housing blocks for installing is required a balcony or a plate on the upper floor

    Balcony hood

  • Suitable as a functional and decorative element for larger areas

    Wide hoods

  • Full textile protection from outside conditions - when then hood is closed, the textiles and mechanisms are fully retracted in the aluminum box

    Swinging arm hood Prestige

  • The Vera hood is distinctive with its compact (13x22cm) cassette with elegant design that protects the textile when the construction is closed

    Swinging arm hood Vera

  • Classic hood model with swinging arm - monoblock system with AL construction

    Swinging arm hood Elegance

  • made entirely of aluminum this hood has a retracting mechanism

    Classic hood with falling shoulder

  • The most popular and most simplified choice for shading your home or office, functional and decorative layout

    Swinging arm hood Standard