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Windproof sunshade

Windproof sunshade

  • provide great protection against wind and rain
  • suitable for closing balconies, bars, barbecues, open spaces
  • made out of crystal folio edged with PVC or acrylic textiles
  • three positions
  • canvas secured with eyelets and buttons vertically
  • using a mechanism including consoles, shaft, reducer with cranks and hooks
  • with aluminum box with carriages that ensures tight closing – textile can be spooled around an axis and fits tightly in its case that protects it against atmospheric conditions, unlike the open crystal curtains against wind, the canvas can’t move freely.
  • controlled manually with a crank or remotely via an electric motor
    maximum canvas surface up to 17.5m²
  • sunshade sizes: up to 500cm wide and 350cm high




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