We saved ourselves from mold, humidity and condensation. Did you?


In the past our houses used to be “breathing”, they had everything going for them…and they were happy. But we, their owners, were not. Why? We were cold, we would pay astronomical electricity bills and warmth would always find its way outside rather than inside.

Today however the opposite is in action. We renovated those same old houses, we sealed them tight, we plugged all the holes and cracks. We changed their “eyes” – we put up new windows and we stood proud and content while our houses began to cry”. Humidity, mold, condensation. We got scared and set out to find our saving grace for us and our houses. And it was right there all along! Something that would air out but without letting all the hot air go out. Our home’s health is very much correlated with our own. We can stay happy in our homes if we take care of them. That’s why it’s important to keep all we said above in mind.