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Roller blinds


Classic rollers don’t have joints and the transmission of natural light into the room is regulated by choosing the light characteristics or textiles by moving the roll vertically


  • made out of single colored jacquard and energy saving materials in a rich variety of colors and designs with fun child motives, prints of animals, flowers and much more
  • you can go for 100% darkness for when you need to rest with BLACKOUT textiles effect
  • choose from 100% antistatic polyester with special thermo covering from the outside which stops sun rays during the summer and keeps the warmth in during the winter
  • by choosing the SCREEN effect you get: visibility to the outside while keeping you hidden; filter sun reflections without stopping the useful daily light, helpful for rooms where there are computer or TV screens
    can be remotely controlled

Roller blinds are a good choice for hospitals and children care homes because they can be easily cleaned with a moist towel, the textiles are anti static and unlike the horizontal blinds they don’t have a horizontal surface that gathers dust

The standard classic system is the most simplified, without carriers, with a shaft for rolling the textiles, mounted via elegant planks to the wall, ceiling or sash. Moving the textiles is controlled with a little chain. Three fixed positions are possible.

Elegance Model system, made for PVC, aluminum sash and for tilted windows that restrict textiles movement when opening and closing. The roller blinds fits elegantly to the window frame- stopping 100% of light and visibility. You can choose not only textiles color but also the color of carriers and profiles – white, brown and 6 wood imitations. The blinds are controlled by a fine rope.

The Optima model system with a box and . Mounted without drilling, just gluing. The Mini model system with a small console, suitable for opening windows. Additionally can be mounted without drilling onto doors and windows.

Comfort model system is suitable for shading of big areas. Textiles movement is controlled manually, with a button or remotely. The system allows for the making of bigger in size blinds. Powering the electric motor requires 220V or a special lithium battery, lasting up to 2 years.

Transparent details system. Suitable for colored sash. Elegant and barely noticeable combined with modern textiles – a good decision for your window,.

Bamboo roller system for the nature lovers they help with an exotic atmosphere. Bamboo blinds are a perfect addition to Asian dzen style interiors.




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