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Doors on hinges

Doors on hinges

  • Portal two or one wing doors on hinges are a good choice for closing openings with sizes 2 to 7m
  • can be filled, traced and with different prints.
  • built with protection from corrosion and made to last long
  • casings made by Italian companies ROLLING CENTER and FRATELI COMUNELLO
  • we offer different options for drive and automation for all models of portal doors
  • automatics by Spanish company ERREKA
  • when there is a lack of power the motors are equipped with a manual opening function
  • option for remote control of opening and closing using contactless keys, photocells and magnetic readers for achieving optimal control, light control and signalization in the opening area, electric doorknob control for locking
  • we offer spare parts and carry out maintenance on portal doors outside and within warranty period




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