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Fast automatic doors

Fast automatic doors

Made for industrial areas and warehouses with a high intensity traffic

– capable of being opened and closed hundreds of times a day

– suitable for places where hygiene temperature conditions are very important

– control of the fast doors works using 3 function buttons (up, stop, down)and a key switch

– very high speed

– 2m/s leads to many advantages: faster loading and unloading and energy savings

Other characteristics:

-leading side columns made out of aluminum and self-supporting construction

– completely filled or completely transparent or a combination of both made out of high quality PVC

– color of the pane is an option

-doors are capable of functioning on the 8th grade in the Bofort scale

-powered by an electric motor

– made possible by a microwave movement detector

– photocells and infrared rays. Microwave movement detector

– sports people and vehicles, follows objects, can be set up manually- photocells – integrated in the side columns (one infrared ray)

– ray grids – heighten protection with up to 32 rays

– we offer spare parts and carry out maintenance on fast automatic doors within or outside warranty period.




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