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Roller, metal, insulation, industrial doors

Roller, metal, insulation, industrial doors

  • Suitable for warehouses where not much insulation is needed – made of steel gills connected to one another, tin width 0.8mm, ensuring the best protection.
  • Dust painting in any RAL color (chosen by customer), guaranteed long time use regardless of weather temperatures and conditions.
    The panel movement is in steel Ω leaders with rubber and brushes that ensure quiet functioning.
  • the automation of the roller industrial doors is done from the integrated break in the electric motor and from additionally mounted photocells if a remote control is used.
  • for areas in need of insulation but not permitting the mounting of a sectioned door roller metal doors are recommended, made out of aluminum thermo panels 22mm wide and 95mm high.
  • the filling is polyurethane and rubber from one side and the reliable metal construction on the other, guaranteeing perfect insulation and protection
  • the automatics and control is ensured by the electric motors by the French company SIMU with the necessary safety measures in place and option for release when there is no power.
  • offered in any RAL color or wood imitation: golden oak, dark oak
    we offer spare parts and carry out maintenance on industrial doors within or outside of warranty period




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