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Sectioned industrial doors

Sectioned industrial doors


  • The ideal solution for warehouses, service shops, factories and garages.
  • the leading benefit is energy saving for heat expenses with the help of the outstanding insulation panels with 42mm width
  • made out of steel with polyurethane filling
  • sizes: up to 6m wide and 5m high
  • offered in any RAL color
  • Suitable for warehouses or production facility with different a movement outline – standard, high, vertical, low or outlined. That way optimal space usage is achieved.
  • for better lighting and visibility the doors can be glazed partially – with single windows or as a whole – with transparent FullVision panels.
  • pedestrian door option
  • manual control – the door is opened and closed manually with the help of a spring mechanism and is locked with a latch.
  • mechanical movement – manually via a chain transmission mechanism
  • electrical movement – via a electric motor placed on the side or remote control. Safety proofing of industrial sectioned doors depends on traffic intensity through them
  • safety proof devices against tearing of ropes and springs
  • built in break in the electric motor
  • photocells when operating the motor with a remote control
  • kill switch in the electric motor
  • 10 year warranty
  • panels 40-42mm thick with excellent heat transmission value – К=1.0 W/М².К
  • Fully transparent or colored panels are available
  • the automatics is made by ERREKA – Spain and guarantees 100% protection and ability to release when out of power
  • we offer spare parts and carry out maintenance on sectioned industrial doors within or outside of warranty period




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