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Rendering/insulation of windows

Rendering/insulation of windows

After the construction work is done your sash needs finishing touches such as rendering , plastering, painting. You can request for this
service during the visit by our consultant.

This is one important but often overlooked by our clients stage of replacing your windows. It is good to know that rendering plays a huge
part in the hydroisolation and insulation of the room where the windows are being changed. Polyurethane foam is placed during the
montage of the sash has an enforcing and insulation function but is not resistant to atmospheric conditions. – it soaks water and UV lights
will eventually turn in into dust. That is why a month after mounting the foam must be cut out and replaced with the proper materials on
both sides – from the inside with plaster and on the outside with teracol.

If the joints from the outside are not too big and the new window
is laid where the old sash was, silicon can be used.

If you choose to do this finish up only on the inside you will be in for some more construction work not long after. And be sure that the mold
on the wall is not caused by bad sash.

Humidity soaks rapidly in old polyurethane foam. Often a client may think he can do it himself in order to save some money. But how would
you do with the dismantling and mounting of a glass unit to reach the joints for plastering on the outer side? Not easy!

The professionals from VasiMa advise: when you have a toothache – go find a dentist, when you’ve got a problem with your car – look for a
mechanic, when there’s trouble with your windows – call VasiMa!