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Photo window curtain

2015 Curtain colors, shades and prints

New tendencies from VasiMa – a smash hit in the office!

Who doesn’t enjoy a deep gaze out the window every once in a while. Especially if the view is something to behold. And when the weather outside is cold, rainy or just not pleasant we feel safe and undisturbed behind a window. Then we pull the curtain and we feel warm, safe and cozy.

Photo window curtain – a detail to decorate or “warm up” your home makes for a cozy atmosphere and good vibes. An interior piece that despite the expectations still refuses to go out of style. Choose carefully because it will be with you for 3-5-10 years.

For fans of the urban style, who enjoy high levels of detail, the designers recommend the urban prints with images of cities.


Chiffon, satin, gabardine…with photo print from VasiMa



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